Why should I sell/distribute my audiobook with Findaway Voices?

Why should I sell/distribute my audiobook with Findaway Voices?

Findaway Voices partners with leading audiobook sellers to help your book reach a world of listeners. We believe in an open audiobook market where authors choose where to sell their audiobooks and at what price to sell them.

Our distribution network and strategy is unique in several ways:

  • Distribution Options: You choose where to sell your audiobook out of 30+ platforms, opting in or out of any partner at any time.
  • Price Control: You set the price and we pay royalties based off the price you set (for retail partners excluding Audible).
  • Global Distribution: Our wide distribution network allows your audiobook will reach listeners in nearly every country in the world through sellers in retail, library, and K–12 channels, across many unique business models.

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