Why didn’t I get a ticket number when I emailed support?

Why didn’t I get a ticket number when I emailed support?

In an effort to provide an improved customer experience, Findaway Voices has transitioned to a new support system. Submitting a ticket is no longer required. Simply email our support address for direct assistance.

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    • Does Authors Direct support Pre-Orders?

      Authors Direct does not support pre-orders at this time.
    • Does Findaway Voices Support Chapter Names?

      Yes, Findaway Voices supports custom chapter names. Please note that not all downstream distribution partners will display chapter names to the end listener.  The following distribution partners currently support chapter names: Apple Books Chirp ...
    • When and how will I be paid royalty payments?

      We send you any royalties we've collected on your behalf every month, within 30 days of receipt from the audiobook sellers (e.g. your January invoice and payment show up by the end of Feb). You can choose how you want to receive your payment under ...
    • Am I guaranteed to get the narrator I want with Voices Share?

      We'll try!  Narrators that perform on Findaway Voices always decide whether or not they want to take on a particular project, and that remains true with Voices Share.  With Voices Share offering a discounted production fee in exchange for a share of ...
    • My book is with ACX - Can I use Findaway Voices to get to Apple Books?

      Yes - if your book is non-exclusive with ACX.   Ultimately, if titles go to Apple Books from multiple distributors (e.g. Findaway Voices and ACX) then Apple will make the decision for which titles to make available for sale. The great news is we have ...