Who is Findaway?

Who is Findaway?

About Findaway

Findaway, The World’s Audiobook Partner, has been revolutionizing the business of audiobooks since 2006. They first disrupted the CD-focused world of audiobooks with Playaway, a built-for circulation audiobook player now used in 40,000 libraries, schools, and military installations globally. In 2013, Findaway advanced audiobooks in the downloadable and streaming space by launching Audio Engine, the industry’s largest B2B audiobook delivery platform.

Now, Findaway enables every brand in the world to offer a complete audiobook collection to their customers and compete on a global scale. In 2016, with the goal of making every book in the world available as an audiobook, they launched Findaway Voices, an audiobook creation platform for independent authors and publishers. To learn more about Findaway and see what’s next, visit www.findaway.com.

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    • Why should I sell/distribute my audiobook with Findaway Voices?

      Findaway Voices partners with leading audiobook sellers to help your book reach a world of listeners. We believe in an open audiobook market where authors choose where to sell their audiobooks and at what price to sell them. Our distribution network ...
    • How to Transfer Your Non-Exclusive Title to Findaway Voices

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    • How does Findaway Voices compare to ACX for Distribution?

      Findaway Voices offers you more freedom and control than ACX while giving you access to over 40 leading audiobook retailers. More Control Over Distribution: With ACX, you can reach Audible, Amazon.com, and Apple Books - and ACX encourages exclusivity ...
    • How does Findaway Voices compare to Authors Republic for Distribution?

      Findaway Voices offers you more freedom and control than ever before. Like Author’s Republic we offer a broad network of audiobook partners, but here’s what sets us apart: Larger royalty share: With Findaway Voices, you keep 80 percent of all ...
    • Findaway Voices Content Policy

      The Findaway Voices content policy ensures that any title submitted to Findaway Voices is appropriate for the wide range of distribution partners and readers.  You can find the Findaway Voices Content Policy here.