What should I use as my BISAC?

What should I use as my BISAC?

Your BISAC is your book’s category or subgenre, and has a large impact on how your audiobook is displayed across most audiobook sellers.

We recommend considering what types of phrases your core listener might be searching against or what lists of bestsellers or recommendation they might be browsing.  If you need some more inspiration, check out what phrases or keywords similar books use.

If you're having a hard time searching for the right one via the Findaway Voices website, you can see the full list of options by clicking “Download a list of BISAC codes”. You can also find a full list of supported BISACs here: https://www.bisg.org/complete-bisac-subject-headings-list

Please note that only Fiction BISACS (FIC, YAF, JUV) are available for fiction titles, and Nonfiction BISACs can only be used for nonfiction titles. 

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