What information is required for the Payment Profile?

What information is required for the Payment Profile?

Here are some best practices and important pieces of information that will help you quickly complete your payment profile:

  • Your tax form should be completed with your legal name or legal business name (not any pen names or pseudonyms, but don't worry, we support those too!)
  • When you digitally sign the tax form by typing in name and contact email address, make sure it is the exact same name and contact email entered at beginning of the payee tax registration process.  
  • The available payment options will be dependent on country of residence
  • You might see reference to a “Certificate of No U.S. Activities”
    • If you are a narrator performing narration services outside of the U.S., please complete this form
    • If you are an author/rightsholder/publisher, you most likely will not complete this form if your content is being distributed through Findaway who is based in the U.S.
  • You must provide a valid US tax id or foreign tax id to claim tax treaty benefits or you will be subject to maximum 30% tax withholding on all royalty payments
  • If you are completing the W-9 tax form with your personal name on the first line of the form, please provide your personal tax id (i.e. SSN) in part I; if you are completing your tax form under your entity (e.g. llc) name, please place the entity name on the first line, leave the second line blank and provide the entity tax id (i.e. EIN) in part I
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