What if I have a firm release date?

What if I have a firm release date?

A release date can be set out as far in advance as you like, but please note it can take up to 30 days for your title to be live with selected distributors from the moment you submit your title for distribution. Generally speaking, 2 - 3 weeks is enough time for us and the retailer to QC and process your files, but to be safe more time is better.

If you have a specific deadline, it's particularly important that you ensure your metadata is accurate and complete, and that your audio and cover art meet our technical specifications prior to submission.  

Please note that Audible/Amazon does not support strict release dates.  If you distribute to Audible through Findaway Voices and have a specific launch date, we'll work to be as close as possible to your release date, but may launch up to 2 weeks before or after that date.
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