Voices Verified Badges

Voices Verified Badges

Voices Verified Badges

There are two kinds of Narrator Profile badges on Findaway Voices. 

The first is a green check mark badge, next to the Narrator’s name, that lets Rights Holders know that the Narrator has verified their payment profile. Narrators with the green check mark give authors assurance that the Narrator is who they say they are, and have provided & confirmed their payment information. Note that some Narrators utilize pseudonyms on their Profile for personal reasons, but their personal information has been verified.

The second is a Voices Verified Gold Seal Badge, next to the Narrator’s name, that indicates the Narrator has been manually reviewed, vetted and approved as a Voices Verified Narrator by the Findaway Voices production team. Voices Verified narrators have worked closely on managed Findaway Voices productions and or have a proven track record of stellar performances. 

Narrators with a Voices Verified Gold Sale Badge are an elite group that bring an extra level of professionalism to their productions.

It is not possible to purchase, or otherwise obtain a Voices verified badge through alternative means. 

Requirements to Apply for a Voices Verified Gold Seal Badge

In addition to following and abiding by the Marketplace Community Guidelines, a Narrator also needs to:
  1. Have a proven track record of completing Findaway Voices Managed Productions (or Audioworks productions).
  2. Have a consistent on-time delivery of assets for Managed Productions (or Audioworks productions).
  3. Have a complete and verified Payment Profile, with previous payment history between Findaway and the Narrator.
If a Narrator has not completed a managed Findaway Voices production, consideration may be given to outside work, provided there is sufficient information to confirm quality and satisfaction of outside work. 

Meeting the requirements above is not a guarantee of receiving a Voices Verified Badge.

How to Apply for Badges

To apply for a Voices Verified Gold Seal Badge, you must be a Narrator on the Findaway Voices platform, and meet the requirements listed above. You may reach out to narrators@findawayvoices.com with the subject: "Verified Gold Seal Badge Request" to apply.  

The green check mark badge will be applied automatically once the Narrator has completed their payment profile, and it has been verified (which may take up to 72 hours after submitting). 

Additional Information

It may take up to thirty (30) days for us to notify the Narrator if they've been verified for the Gold Seal Badge. In the event the Narrator was not verified, they may apply again in 30 days, or at the completion of the next managed Findaway Voices production.

To ensure the Voices Verified Badge retains its integrity, Findaway Voices reserves the right to remove a Voices Verified Badge from a Narrator profile for any reason, at any time.

Please note there is no rebuttal process and decisions are final for the following 30 days.

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