There are two versions of my audiobook on Apple Books. What can I do about this?

There are two versions of my audiobook on Apple Books. What can I do about this?

Apple Books accepts audiobooks from multiple aggregators, and in some cases may end up having multiple copies of your book (especially if you distribute your book to Audible via ACX, which Findaway Voices does). You can identify the Audible version on the bottom of the project listing, as it will include a box that states "Presented by". 

To resolve this issue, please send an email to that states the following:


I am reaching out due to my title being duplicate on Apple Books, as in, two products available for a singular audio title.

The link to the version to KEEP is here: [link to the Findaway Voices version'
The link to the version to be HIDDEN is here [link to the version with "presented by" at the bottom]

Thank you!"
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