Redemption Codes

Redemption Codes

100 Codes Available to all Findaway Voices published titles

Giveaway Codes just got a major upgrade — they now unlock audiobooks on Spotify. We've reimagined Giveaway Codes and just launched a major update that's available for every one of your audiobooks for free. You can use 100 Giveaway Codes per published title to unlock audiobooks on Spotify, helping you drive ratings and build your author platform.

While we’ve always had giveaway codes, your new Spotify giveaway codes can be used as a cornerstone of your audiobook launch marketing plan. For example, you could run a social media contest to win a copy of your audiobook on Spotify.

To generate giveaway codes simply login to your Findaway Voices dashboard, choose a published title, and navigate to the Giveaway Code tab. Here you can see when and which codes have been redeemed. What happens to my existing codes? Don’t fret! Your Authors Direct giveaway codes can be redeemed just like the new Spotify codes. If you've used giveaway codes before, this unlocks 100 more for you!

Codes can be redeemed here: 
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    • Do Redemption Codes Expire?

      Redemption Codes (also known as Authors Direct Giveaway Codes) do not expire. However, they are one-time use only. We cannot " unredeem" a Redemption Code. Codes can be redeemed here:
    • How do I give away copies of my audiobook to groups or reviewers?

      Every audiobook distributed with Findaway Voices may receive 100 redemption codes which you may use to give free copies of your audiobook to anyone you'd like at no cost to you or the listener. These one-time-use codes will allow you to give away ...
    • How to Redeem Authors Direct Redemption Codes

      Redeeming an Authors Direct Redemption Code Please ensure that you are signed in at ; then proceed to redemption at:
    • What is the difference between a Redemption Code and an Authors Direct Promotion?

      Redemption Codes and Authors Direct Promotional codes both lead users into the same app and listening experience using the same email address/account, but there are a few important differences. Redemption Codes are unique, one-time use codes that tie ...
    • How do I communicate with the author/rights holder?

      Each audio file uploaded to the Findaway Voices workflow contains a commenting system to chat back and fourth with the opposite party during the audiobook production process. Once an audio file has been uploaded (either during the extended sample ...