Narrator's Guide to Audiobook Production

Narrator's Guide to Audiobook Production

What happens once you’ve been selected by the Rights Holder to narrate their audiobook? This document outlines the important steps that go into creating an audiobook with Findaway Voices!

1. Sign Project-Specific Agreement & Review Guidelines

Sign the project-specific Production Agreement with Findaway Voices via the Contract tab of the project, or from the email notification you received. You'll also want to review our Narration Guidelines (also available on the Audio page of the project) to ensure you are meeting our required technical specifications. 

2. Download Production Notes (If Available)

The author will either provide Production Notes or Decline the opportunity to upload them. If Production Notes are available, you'll receive an email notification with a link to download them. 

2.a Complete Payment Profile

Complete your Payment Profile located under your  My Account section on the Findaway Voices workflow. 
Important: Narrators only need to complete the Payment Profile once. If it's already complete, this step can be ignored from now on.

3. Perform and Upload the Extended Sample

Upload the extended sample to the Extended Pre-Production Sample workflow.
Be sure to click the submit button to notify the author.
The author will either approve the sample or request a new one with their feedback taken into account. They may also request a second sample to hear a particular character or scene that does not occur until later in the manuscript. 

If needed, upload the second sample and click the submit button once more.
Heads up! If the author hasn't rejected the first sample, our workflow will block you from uploading the second until the first one is rejected by the author. 
Once the extended sample has been approved, you’ll be notified via email and you can continue the performance.

3.a Comment System

Each audio file uploaded to the Findaway Voices workflow contains a commenting system to chat back and forth with the opposite party during the audiobook production process.

Once an audio file has been uploaded (either during the extended sample phase, or during production), simply look for the chat bubble icon:  Each time a new comment is added, the opposite party will receive an email notification. 
Important Note for Narrators : To save the previous comments on an audio file, be sure to use the   icon when replacing the audio file with a new version. Otherwise, deleting the file using the trash can icon will remove all previous comments on that file.

4. Submit the Full Performance

Once you've completed production and the audio files have been fully edited and mastered, add finished audio files directly to the Findaway Voices website. Depending on your preference, you can add the full audiobook once you’ve finished recording OR you can add chapters as you finish them. Again, this is completely based on your preference.
Once you’ve uploaded the full audiobook, select ‘Submit All Audio’ to notify the author that all files are available for their review.
The author/rights holder has a ten (10) day period to review the performance for objective errors (i.e. missed word, extraneous sound, mispronunciation etc). You’ll receive confirmation from Findaway Voices of final approval via email. 
There is no need to invoice. Findaway Voices will deposit amounts owed into the account provided, generally within 14 days of receiving approval & payment from the author

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