Marketplace Production Phase

Marketplace Production Phase

Reviewing the Performance in Production Phase

Depending on the Narrator's preference, they will either upload finished tracks in batches as they record them — or they will upload the entire performance once they have finished recording. 

In either case, you will be notified when new tracks are uploaded by your Narrator via email and via the notification system on your Findaway Voices dashboard.

Important Considerations During Review

  1. Any incorrect pronunciations or use of people, places, or other proper names
  2. Any general mispronunciations
  3. Missed phrases or passages of text (this is rare but does occur on occasion)
  4. Extraneous sounds or background effects to be removed (also extremely rare but does occur)
    If you encounter any such items, you can provide comments to your narrator using our  Automatic Time-Stamped Comment System, which includes the time stamp for you in your comment. Simply pause the audio where you need to make a comment, type out your feedback, and hit the  Comment button! There will now be a clickable time-stamp attached to your comment that will play the audio at that exact time.
    Be sure to utilize our Automatic Time-Stamped Comment System! It automatically adds the time-stamp of the audio to your comment containing feedback!

    Any feedback added will go directly to the narrator, and the narrator will be able to comment back to you as updates occur.

    You’ll be notified via email and via the notification system on your Dashboard whenever you have a new interaction.

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