Learn More: Production Terms Request

Learn More: Production Terms Request

Production Terms Request Tool

Findaway Voices provides a Production Terms Request Tool (PTR), which enables parties to lay out the details of how they'd like to work together for the project. 

We recommend using the Production Terms Tool in conjunction with our sample Production Agreement that can be downloaded from the Production Terms Request phase, to agree on the important details of the production.

Narrators will always send the first Production Terms Request to the Rights Holder for review.
Important: The PTR is not a legally binding agreement, and should only be used to agree on details with the opposite party to then create a contract between the parties involved. 
Important: The sample Production Agreement is made available with no warranty or guarantee from Findaway Voices. Use of sample Production Agreement does not constitute an agreement between either party and Findaway Voices.

Instructions for Narrators

Watch the video below for instructions on how to create a Production Terms Request. Below the video are written instructions.

Written Instructions: 

PFH Rate

Enter the Per Finished Hour rate you would like to charge for the performance.

Payment Method

Marketplace provides two options for handling payment. You can either elect Findaway Voices to handle payment between the Rights Holder and the Narrator, our you can choose to handle payment outside of Findaway Voices using a 3rd party service such as PayPal, Venmo, etc. 
  1. Payment with Findaway Voices: We will handle the payment process for both parties. The Rights Holder will submit the payment for the performance to Findaway Voices via the Marketplace Production Timeline. In turn, Findaway Voices will submit the full payment to the Narrator within 7 business days of receiving payment from the Rights Holder.
  2. Payment outside of Findaway Voices: Rights Holder and Narrator are responsible for sending and receiving payment via their own method, then confirming via the interface when payment has been sent and received. Parties can agree on a method of Payment, as well as when the payment is due after the performance.
Upfront Deposits: When utilizing the option to handle payment outside of Findaway Voices, the Narrator can request an upfront deposit to be paid prior to starting full production. Upfront Deposits are not supported when Findaway Voices handles payment.


Here is where you will enter additional details about the production, such as Working Style, Production Schedule, and any other details.

Working Style: Enter how you will be recording the performance — I.e. In Studio, Home Studio, Mobile Studio, etc.
Production Schedule: When you will start recording the performance, and when you anticipate finishing the initial performance. 
Any other term details: Area for additional details, such as payment information for services such as PayPal, Venmo etc. 
Once all sections are filled out, the Narrator can submit the Production Terms Request for the Rights Holder to review.

Production Terms Request Revision(s)

The Rights Holder receives the Production Terms Request from the Narrator. 

The Rights Holder can either Approve the Production Terms Request, or Revise the Production Terms Request to send back to the Narrator for review.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to approve, or revise a Production Terms Request. Below the video are written instructions.

Written Instructions:

Approving Production Terms Request

If the Rights Holder is happy with the Narrator's Production Terms Request, they can Approve the Production Terms Request and begin the Extended Sample Phase of the audiobook production. In order to Approve the Production Terms Request, the Rights Holder must confirm via the tickbox that the manuscript is final

Revising Production Terms Request

In the event the Rights Holder or Narrator needs to make a change, they can revise the Production Terms Request and send it back to the opposite party for review and potential approval. The receiving party will see a side by side view of both requests, and can either Request a Revision again or Approve the production terms. 

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