I'm an international author, can I work with Findaway Voices?

I'm an international author, can I work with Findaway Voices?

Yes! All Findaway Voices services are available to authors in all countries. This includes narrator services if you want to create an audiobook and access to our full distribution when you're ready to sell!  

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    • I'm a narrator that lives outside the US, can I work with Findaway Voices?

      Yes! We work with narrators from all over the world and are always looking to increase our scope by working with more skilled performers. Sign up now by creating an account to get started!
    • Can I Start a Voices Share Production Now?

      Yes!  Voices Share is now available. Simply apply for Voices Share during the project creation process when starting a new audiobook project on Findaway Voices.
    • Why should I sell/distribute my audiobook with Findaway Voices?

      Findaway Voices partners with leading audiobook sellers to help your book reach a world of listeners. We believe in an open audiobook market where authors choose where to sell their audiobooks and at what price to sell them. Our distribution network ...
    • What is Voices Plus?

      Voices Plus is an optional distribution strategy for your audiobook. You receive extra benefits in exchange for committing to only using Findaway Voices to distribute your audiobook. It's an opt-in, title-by-title program (it's not all-or-nothing if ...
    • What is Voices Share?

      Voices Share for Authors Your up front production payment will be cut in half in exchange for a 20% cut of the royalties you generate with Findaway Voices going to the narrator. This 20% fee is completely separate from the Findaway Voices ...