I'm a narrator that lives outside the US, can I work with Findaway Voices?

I'm a narrator that lives outside the US, can I work with Findaway Voices?

Yes! We work with narrators from all over the world and are always looking to increase our scope by working with more skilled performers.

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      Yes! All Findaway Voices services are available to authors in all countries. This includes narrator services if you want to create an audiobook and access to our full distribution when you're ready to sell!  
    • Signing up as a narrator for Findaway Voices

      Start by creating an account (select the Narrator option on signup) or log in at Findaway Voices. Then, read through and agree to our Independent Contractor Agreement for Narration Services, fill out your portfolio, and respond to our survey so we ...
    • I'm a narrator, why should I work with Findaway Voices on a managed production?

      Here are the biggest benefits of working on Findaway Voices managed production: We'll recommend you whenever we think you'd be a great match for an author's book. The casting lists we send to authors usually recommend 5–10 narrators. This means when ...
    • I already have a narrator I work with, can we use Findaway Voices?

      Absolutely! There's two options for producing with a narrator you already work with. 1) Use our audiobook production platform This is what you get if you choose produce with your narrator on the Findaway Voices audiobook production platform: ...
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      Voices Plus is an optional distribution strategy for your audiobook. You receive extra benefits in exchange for committing to only using Findaway Voices to distribute your audiobook. It's an opt-in, title-by-title program (it's not all-or-nothing if ...