I already have a narrator I work with, can we use Findaway Voices?

I already have a narrator I work with, can we use Findaway Voices?

Absolutely! There's two options for producing with a narrator you already work with.

1) Use our audiobook production platform

This is what you get if you choose produce with your narrator on the Findaway Voices audiobook production platform:
  1. Pre-Production Support: Bringing your print book into an audio experience can be very nuanced, and we’ll be there to help you through the of articulating your vision to the narrator.
  2. Time-Saving Workflow & Tools: Our workflow is designed for audiobook production. We make the process easy for both you and the narrator with time saving features like chapter-level commenting and advanced file management. All of this is optimized to flow directly into our distribution services automatically, setting you up for easy distribution to 30+ vendors.
  3. Technical Standards: As production wraps up, we have in-house audio engineers review every title to ensure they meet our technical requirements for universal distribution. If there are any issues, we'll coordinate with the narrator directly to facilitate those fixes.
  4. Administrative Tasks: All throughout the project, we will handle administrative tasks such as contract management, scheduling, payment processing, and filing of appropriate tax reporting (1099s, etc). We’ll also be sure to help ensure timelines are being met and the project is running smoothly.
For the service detailed above, we charge a production fee on top of your narrator's PFH (Per Finished Hour) rate. To work with your narrator using the Findaway Voices workflow, follow the instructions below:


  1. If your narrator does not already have a Findaway Voices Narrator Profile, instruct your narrator to Sign Up and complete their Findaway Voices Narrator Profile.
    1. Make sure the Narrator Profile has been published, as this will ensure the narrator can be added to the project.
Rights Holder:
  1. Once you have confirmed the narrator has successfully published their profile, either visit their profile via the profile URL, or search for the narrator on Find Voices.
  2. On the narrator profile, use the Add to Casting List button to add the narrator to your project.
  3. Once the narrator is on your projects' casting list, click the blue Book for Production button. Our production team will reach out to both parties to coordinate the production.
Please note that if you have negotiated a special rate, please inform the production manager when they reach out to coordinate the production. Note: the Findaway Voices fee cannot be waived. 

2) Bring your finished audio files for distribution

You can work with your narrator directly and bring your fully finished audiobook to Findaway Voices for distribution using the "sell existing audio" option. Just make sure that your narrator knows about our technical requirements if you go this path, and note that the author, not the narrator, would be the one to load the audio on Findaway Voices.  Bringing finished audio to Findaway Voices for distribution is free.

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