How to Transfer Your Non-Exclusive Title to Findaway Voices

How to Transfer Your Non-Exclusive Title to Findaway Voices

Managing ACX Distribution with Findaway Voices

Want to move your book from ACX to Findaway Voices? Here’s how to make that happen!

The steps below will guide you through what you should do if your book has been claimed or distributed through ACX and you'd prefer to distribute to ACX through Findaway Voices in the future. 

Step 1: Convert your Title to Non-Exclusive Status

In order to distribute to Audible though Findaway Voices, you'll need to make sure your title is  non-exclusive first. 

Step 2: Choose Where to Manage ACX Distribution

Now that your title is non-exclusive on ACX, you have a few options to consider:
  1. Manage all of your audiobook distribution outlets (including ACX) in one place on Findaway Voices. RECOMMENDED OPTION
  2. Keep ACX distribution separate (i.e. keep the title in your ACX account for distribution to Audible) and use Findaway Voices to reach 40+ additional partners 

Option A: Manage ACX Distribution on Findaway Voices

Begin by initiating a transfer of rights for your title, ensuring that ACX no longer has the right to distribute the title, and Findaway Voices does. 
To do so, send the following email to and CC

Title of Book(s):
Original Rights Holder Name:
Original Rights Holder Email Address for ACX Account:
New Rights Holder Name: Findaway Voices
New Rights Holder Email Address for ACX Account:   
Findaway Voices project link: [please insert the link to your title on your Findaway Voices account]
Request: Please transfer my title to Findaway Voices using the above information

That's it!
Reminder: Double check that is CC'd on your request. Failure to do so will result in delays in transfer
When emailing ACX, be sure to send the email from the email address associated with your ACX account.
Don't want to initiate a rights transfer? Read on below for an alternative option 
Instead of transferring the rights on Audible, you can request that ACX remove your title from Audible first. Once removed, then create the project on Findaway Voices and select Audible on the title’s distribution list. Please note that using this method will result in your title being unavailable for sale on Audible for a period of time
  1. Email to request they remove your title from Audible.
  2. Once removed, create the project on Findaway Voices.
  3. Ensure Audible is selected on the title's distribution list.

Option B: Manage ACX Separately from Findaway Voices

Start by requesting ACX change your title from Exclusive status to Non-Exclusive status. Once this is complete, follow these steps:
  1. Create the project on Findaway Voices
  2. Ensure Audible is de-selected on the title's distribution list.

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