How to Redeem Authors Direct Redemption Codes

How to Redeem Authors Direct Redemption Codes

Redeeming an Authors Direct Redemption Code

Please ensure that you are signed in at ; then proceed to redemption at: 

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    • What is the difference between a Redemption Code and an Authors Direct Promotion?

      Redemption Codes and Authors Direct Promotional codes both lead users into the same app and listening experience using the same email address/account, but there are a few important differences. Redemption Codes are unique, one-time use codes that tie ...
    • Redemption Codes

      100 Codes Available to all Findaway Voices published titles Giveaway Codes just got a major upgrade — they now unlock audiobooks on Spotify. We've reimagined Giveaway Codes and just launched a major update that's available for every one of your ...
    • Do Redemption Codes Expire?

      Redemption Codes (also known as Authors Direct Giveaway Codes) do not expire. However, they are one-time use only. We cannot " unredeem" a Redemption Code. Codes can be redeemed here:
    • Does Authors Direct support Pre-Orders?

      Authors Direct does not support pre-orders at this time.
    • What does an Authors Direct storefront look like?

      Authors Direct is designed to help listeners quickly and easily buy audiobooks, with customization features to match the look/feel of your author brand. Check out the example layout below for a better idea of how your graphics/bio will appear on the ...