How to change audiobook prices on Authors Direct

How to change audiobook prices on Authors Direct

Set prices on Authors Direct

Authors Direct provides true retail price control. Here's how you can change and set audiobook prices on Authors Direct. 

  1. Navigate to the Add/Remove Audiobooks tab. 
  2. The Purchase Price is the price customers will pay on Authors Direct. Think of this as the "retail price".
  3. Set the Purchase Price to the desired amount and click Save Changes button.

How pricing works on Authors Direct

Setting the Purchase Price lower than the List Price will initiate a strike-through “on sale” price on your storefront.


Setting the Purchase Price higher or equal to your List Price will initiate a “regular” price without a strike-through price.


Pricing Restrictions

Authors Direct currently has a price floor of $1.99. However, a price point of $0.00 or FREE is supported.

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