How to add supplemental material (PDF) to your audiobook

How to add supplemental material (PDF) to your audiobook

What is supplemental material?

Supplemental material, also known as "bonus content" can be included with your audiobook at some distribution partners (i.e. Apple & Google). Examples include workbooks, guides, illustrations, maps, diagrams, etc. 

Supplemental PDF requirements:
  1. No larger than 10MB
  2. Maximum of one (1) PDF file
Not all partners support supplemental material.

How to add supplemental material on Findaway Voices

  1. Navigate to your project's Metadata tab
  2. Scroll down below the Title and Subtitle sections
  3. Click on the Upload a Supplemental File box
  4. Upload your single PDF file (under 10MB)
  5. Don't forget to Republish your changes!

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