How should I set the price of my audiobook

How should I set the price of my audiobook

When setting the price of your audiobook, you should consider the duration, genre, and price of similar audiobooks, and your goals for the book. Some authors hope to maximize potential revenue per sale, and others are seeking more exposure and therefore open to a lower price. Once you know your goal, you can adjust your price accordingly.

Our new pricing calculator (found on the Metadata tab of your audiobook project) will help you set the perfect retail and library list price based on a number of factors of your audiobook such as length, genre and whether it's a fiction or non-fiction title. Note that these prices are suggested, and ultimately you are in control of choosing the price point that works best for you.

Take a look at how the pricing calculator works below:

With Findaway Voices, you can change your list price regularly. Don't be afraid to experiment!

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