How 'Payment Confirmation' Works in Marketplace Productions

How 'Payment Confirmation' Works in Marketplace Productions

Payment Confirmation in Marketplace

This article will explain how to complete the Payment phase when handling payments outside of Findaway Voices. 

How it works:


When the Payment phase is reached, the Author will follow these steps first:
  1. Review and send the amount due to the Narrator via the agreed-upon payment method.
  2. Once sent, confirm the payment was sent on the Findaway Voices website, by checking the checkbox that confirms payment was sent on the Projects' Payment phase.
The narrator will receive a notification that the payment was submitted and is asked to also confirm receipt of the payment on the Findaway Voices website. 

Once the narrator confirms payment, the Author will be able to continue the distribution process of their new audiobook. 


The narrator has nothing to do until they receive the email and notification that the Author has sent payment. The subject line of the email will be "The Payment Has Been Submitted". The narrator will then follow these steps:
  1. Confirm the correct amount of payment has been received via the agreed-upon method. 
  2. Visit the Findaway Voices website to confirm the payment was received by checking the checkbox on the Projects' Payment phase. 
This completes the project for the Narrator. 
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