How long do auditions take?

How long do auditions take?

Between 1 - 2 weeks, depending on the number of auditions requested and narrator availability. 

Once you've requested auditions, our team gets to work coordinating them with the narrators you've selected. If the narrator accepts the audition, they will upload it to the Findaway Voices workflow. We'll notify you via email when all of requested auditions have been returned, or at the 2 week mark if only a portion of auditions have been returned. 
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    • How long will it take to create my audiobook?

      Every audiobook is different, and timing varies based on each book's length and complexity. An audiobook can go from start to sale in as fast as 6–8 weeks.
    • How long does casting take?

      Generally speaking, we'll return your custom, hand-picked casting list in about 7 days. This can fluctuate depending on the current volume of submissions, but should not take longer than 2 weeks. You'll be notified via email when it is ready for your ...
    • How do I communicate with the author/rights holder?

      Each audio file uploaded to the Findaway Voices workflow contains a commenting system to chat back and fourth with the opposite party during the audiobook production process. Once an audio file has been uploaded (either during the extended sample ...
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      It's easy to use Findaway Voices to distribute/sell an already created audiobook!  Here are the steps:  Create an account or login at Findaway Voices. Start your audiobook with the Start New Project button and select Sell Existing Audiobook. Enter ...
    • I'm an international author, can I work with Findaway Voices?

      Yes! All Findaway Voices services are available to authors in all countries. This includes narrator services if you want to create an audiobook and access to our full distribution when you're ready to sell!