How do narrator payments work?

How do narrator payments work?

Findaway Voices is built to be fair and flexible for both authors and narrators. Here's how it works for narrators: 
  1. We pay narrators by their PFH (Per Finished Hour) rate, meaning they get paid based on the duration of the final performance. Each production must be delivered fully edited and ready-to-listen.
  2. Narrators set their PFH rate and may change their rate at any time. If an author requests an audition within 7 days of a rate change, we request the narrator honors the previous rate or declines the project.
  3. There is no need to invoice Findaway Voices. Our system keeps track of the final run-time of the audio that has been uploaded to the workflow. Invoices sent to us will be ignored.
  4. Findaway Voices pays within 14 days of the final approval of the audio. No need to worry about tracking down the author for payment — Findaway Voices will make sure you get paid.

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