How do I give away copies of my audiobook to groups or reviewers?

How do I give away copies of my audiobook to groups or reviewers?

Every audiobook distributed with Findaway Voices may receive 30 Giveaway Codes which you may use to give free copies of your audiobook to anyone you'd like at no cost to you or the listener. If you need more than 30 Giveaway Codes, check out our Voices Plus program, where one of the perks is 100 Giveaway Codes.

These one-time-use codes will allow you to give away free copies of your book to anyone you’d like, such as book reviewers, advanced reader groups, or your narrator.  As soon as the recipient of your Giveaway Code redeems the code at this website, they’ll be able to listen to your audiobook on Findaway’s free Authors Direct mobile apps.  
Here are are a few considerations as you put these Giveaway Codes to use:
  • Authors Direct is currently available for users in the United States, EU, UK, Australia, and Canada on iOS and Android (non-Kindle) mobile devices (supported devices are outlined here).  We cannot support direct MP3 download, playback via desktop computers, etc.
  • UPDATE: As of June 2020, Giveaway Codes now also work in the EU and United Kingdom.
  • Authors Direct Giveaway Codes are only for listening inside of the Authors Direct mobile apps and can only be redeemed at
  • The following retailers will allow your listeners to leave a review without having bought the book there: Apple, Google, Amazon (but not Audible), Kobo, Scribd (with free trial) and Downpour, in addition to standard review sites like Goodreads.
  • Please note that if you set a future-dated "on sale date" in your metadata, the codes will activate on that date.
More detail about how you can use Authors Direct Giveaway Codes can be found on this website.
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide ACX promotional codes at this time.
See below for an example of how to request Giveaway Codes on the Findaway Voices website. 

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