Getting Started Guide - Authors Direct

Getting Started Guide - Authors Direct

Congratulations on starting your Authors Direct storefront. Below you will find a list of items to review to help get you up and running with your new store!

Getting Started Guide

Click here to download our Authors Direct - Getting Started Guide. This guide is the A-Z resource for everything Authors Direct. It covers everything from setting up your new store, to adding and setting prices, and even tips for maximizing marketing efforts specifically for Authors Direct. 

Don't skip this one!

Creating Storefront

While the guide above will walk you through the quick process of creating and customizing your storefront, you can also check out this specific guide for the same information distilled into a single help desk article. 

Adding Audiobooks

Now that you've got your storefront up and looking slick, it's time to add your audiobooks. Click here for a guide on adding audiobooks to your storefront.

Set Prices

With Authors Direct, you are in true control of the retail price of your audiobooks. You set the price, and that's the price the customer pays. Click here for a guide on setting your audiobook prices for Authors Direct. 

Marketing & Advertising

You've got your storefront, you've got audiobooks with custom pricing, it's time to tell the world! We have a plethora of marketing assets for you to promote your new storefront, as well as tips and best practices for marketing. Click here to download your marketing assets and review our marketing tips.