Extended Sample on Marketplace

Extended Sample on Marketplace

Extended Samples

The goal for every recording is to ensure you receive a natural performance matching the style, tone, heart, and soul of your work.

To do so, we’ve found it helpful to have your Narrator record an extended sample (about 15 minutes) of your book as a chance for you to better experience their performance. You will be able to review and either request a revision, or approve the extended sample prior to commencing full production.

This helps ensure both you and the narrator are aligned before they start recording the full production.
Note: You may choose to skip the Extended Samples phase if you've previously worked with the Narrator and don't need an Extended Sample. 

Important Considerations During Review

  1. How is the differentiation between character voices?
  2. Are the accents and pronunciations accurate?
  3. Does the pacing accurately reflect the material? Should the performance be faster? Slower?
  4. Has the emotional tone been interpreted correctly?
  5. Should I provide anything else to the narrator to aid their performance?
We hope your extended sample is fantastic on the first try, but that isn’t always the case. You can easily request a revision and communicate with the Narrator to provide feedback directly using the comment system in the Extended Sample phase. We’ll notify you when they have uploaded a new sample for you to review.

It’s worth giving detailed feedback and requesting another sample now if things aren’t quite right. The extra care given to your extended sample at this step will ensure you’re thrilled with the finished audiobook. 

As you review, listen for the items bulleted above. If updates are necessary, you must provide specific feedback to guide the narrator’s next extended sample. 

If everything sounds good, confirm your approval by clicking the “Approve Extended Sample” button below the sample, and the project will move into the Production Phase! 

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