Email Address Change for Tipalti Vendor Notifications:

Email Address Change for Tipalti Vendor Notifications:

February 2023 Tipalti Vendor Notifications Update

Spotify acquired Findaway in June 2022, which includes Findaway Voices. As part of the integration of Findaway into Spotify, we are making changes to how we communicate with you from our 3rd party payment processor, Tipalti.


What is changing? 
Effective February 2023, the emails you receive from the payment processor regarding payment processing, status and other notification will come from (rather than the previous hosted domain). All other Findaway Voices notifications will continue to come from like they always have. should also be used for any payment related questions on a go forward basis. Please add this email address to your contact list to ensure you receive important notifications.

All other inquiries should be sent to as usual.

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