Does Voices Plus cost anything?

Does Voices Plus cost anything?

Voices Plus is 100% free.

In exchange for the perks that we share (and more to come!), all we ask is that you agree to use our platform for all of your audiobook distribution.
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    • What is Voices Plus?

      Voices Plus is an optional distribution strategy for your audiobook. You receive extra benefits in exchange for committing to only using Findaway Voices to distribute your audiobook. It's an opt-in, title-by-title program (it's not all-or-nothing if ...
    • If I use Voices Plus, do I have to use all of the Findaway Voices distributors?

      No you do not. When signing up for Voices Plus you do commit to using Findaway Voices network for all of your distribution - meaning you won't go direct to any retailer or use any other distribution service for that title. However, you always ...
    • How much does it cost to create an audiobook?

      The length of your work and the narrator selected determines the cost for your audiobook. Narrator rates are shared on a Per Finished Hour (PFH) basis. The general estimate is every 9,000 words of text equals one finished hour of audio. So if your ...
    • Where can I find details about the term/duration for Voices Plus

      The term (and related info) will always be kept up to date in the Findaway Voices Distribution Agreement. Scroll down to Schedule E for the full details.
    • Are there any exceptions to the Voices Plus Sole Distributor Requirement?

      Yes, there are two scenarios that could serve as an exception: If you are selling directly to your reader (as in selling direct via your website.  For clarity, this does not mean going direct to a traditional retailer) The sole distributor ...