Does Findaway Voices produce dual-cast or multi-cast audiobooks?

Does Findaway Voices produce dual-cast or multi-cast audiobooks?

Findaway Voices does not support dual-narration or multi-cast projects at this time. There are several reasons for this, but mostly it owes to the cost and complexity of arranging such projects. Managing these complexities often comes at the expense of our efforts helping grow new opportunities for all creators to market, promote, feature, and sell their works.

To best serve the authors and performers working with us, our focus will remain on helping produce single narrator projects while we advance new discovery opportunities available in audio.

For clarity, while we're not currently producing dual-narration productions, we're always happy to help distribute your finished audio if you have the title produced outside of Findaway Voices. 

What if I'm doing a Marketplace Production?

While we are not able to facilitate the full production, you are more than welcome to use Marketplace to find narrators to produce a dual-narrated production, but you would still need to produce the audiobook outside of our workflow. 
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