Can SAG-AFTRA Narrators perform Findaway Voices Productions?

Can SAG-AFTRA Narrators perform Findaway Voices Productions?


​Check out this blog post for more details about eligibility and what the process is.
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    • What is Voices Share?

      Voices Share for Authors Your up front production payment will be cut in half in exchange for a 20% cut of the royalties you generate with Findaway Voices going to the narrator. This 20% fee is completely separate from the Findaway Voices ...
    • Am I guaranteed to get the narrator I want with Voices Share?

      We'll try!  Narrators that perform on Findaway Voices always decide whether or not they want to take on a particular project, and that remains true with Voices Share.  With Voices Share offering a discounted production fee in exchange for a share of ...
    • I'm a narrator, why should I work with Findaway Voices?

      Here are the biggest benefits of working on Findaway Voices projects: We'll recommend you whenever we think you'd be a great match for an author's book. The casting lists we send to authors usually recommend 5–10 narrators. This means when an ...
    • Can I Start a Voices Share Production Now?

      Yes!  Voices Share is now available. Simply apply for Voices Share during the project creation process when starting a new audiobook project on Findaway Voices.
    • I already started an audiobook project, can I switch to a Voices Share project?

      If you've already started the audiobook production process, but have not yet signed a production agreement, it might be possible to switch to a Voices Share project instead. In order to switch to a Voices Share production, the following must be true: ...