Can I see real-time sales reporting from my Authors Direct store?

Can I see real-time sales reporting from my Authors Direct store?

Yes you can!

Sales from your store flow straight into your preliminary sales dashboard.
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    • Is the Sales Dashboard reporting real-time sales?

      Yes, you can see real-time sales information for many leading audiobook platform via the preliminary sales dashboard under your account. Please note that real-time preliminary reporting is not always available for all distribution selections, and ...
    • What is the difference between a Giveaway Code and an Authors Direct Promotion?

      Giveaway Codes and Authors Direct Promotional codes both lead users into the same app and listening experience using the same email address/account, but there are a few important differences. Giveaway Codes are unique, one-time use codes that tie to ...
    • What is Authors Direct?

      Authors Direct is a platform developed by Findaway Voices that allows authors and rights holders to sell audiobooks directly to customers via their own Authors Direct storefront. Customers access their purchased audiobook(s) within seconds on their ...
    • Does Authors Direct support Pre-Orders?

      Authors Direct does not support pre-orders at this time.
    • Why have my sales on the sales reporting dashboard gone down?

      Only a subset of our full network offers daily or real time reporting.  This causes new sales data to be added in large chunks for some partners, and can create a sense that sales are changing more rapidly than is actually the case. The data in this ...