Can I narrate my own audiobook?

Can I narrate my own audiobook?

You certainly can!  Particularly in non-fiction genres, the voice of the author can provide a unique draw for your book.

However, narrating a book can be quite the endeavor,and it's not for everyone.  Professional narrators exist for a reason, bringing a combination of acting/performance skills, a home recording studio, vocal endurance, and sound engineering skills. Before you go down this path, make sure you're familiar with and comfortable meeting our technical requirements.  We've also seen authors try recording and fully editing the first couple chapters of audio (and having their fans listen and review) before deciding whether to proceed recording themselves. 

If you choose to continue with self-recording your audiobook, you can upload your book by choosing the "sell existing audiobook" option on the Findaway Voices interface once your book is completed.  Please do this under an author account, not a narrator.

Findaway Voices is not able to provide technical or sound engineering support for self-recording authors, but here are some helpful resources:

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