Can I include music in my audiobook production?

Can I include music in my audiobook production?

Music can add another fantastic layer of atmosphere to your audiobook listening experience, but do run some risk of distracting the listener or triggering retailer audio quality reviews.  Here's some things to think about if you're thinking about including music in your audiobook production
  1. You need to verify you have the full, legal rights to use it. 
  2. If it is a full score (e.g. the music plays throughout the book) some retailers might not make it for sale.  If you do go the full score approach, make sure that it is clear in the book description or subtitle so that purchasers know what they're buying. 
  3. Not all narrators will be able to incorporate music or sound effects into their production (it's not a standard skillset), or might charge an additional fee for the added service.
  4. Findaway Voices or your narrator will not be able to facilitate the composition of a music score for your audiobook.
If you do plan on incorporating music into your audiobook produced through Findaway Voices, make sure our casting team knows as early in the process as possible!

Please Note: The retail sample cannot start with music. The retail sample MUST begin with narration. 

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