Can I fund my audiobook with a crowdfunding/Kickstarter campaign?

Can I fund my audiobook with a crowdfunding/Kickstarter campaign?

It's not common, but we've seen some great audiobooks get produced because of a Kickstarter campaign.

There are a few things you'll want to consider before starting down this path:
  1. If you plan to offer a copy of the finished audiobook to backers, consider the delivery and playback experience to the listener. You can't unlock a purchase on any of the major audiobook platforms, and Giveaway Codes should not be used for this purpose. Delivering the audio files to the user directly and letting them sideload onto a listening device is a workaround, but not necessarily a great experience.
  2. Consider your options if your project isn't fully funded. You'll likely want to have your narrator identified and even have some samples prepared to bring excitement to the campaign. Having a narrator start that work, and booking their schedule, is quite the commitment (especially if you go into production before waiting for the full funding goal to be met). If you aren’t prepared to pay for the entire project if the campaign misses its funding goal, you should not sign your production contract with Findaway Voices (since that's a commitment to pay).
Having solid plans for these considerations helps open up the option to crowdfund your audiobook production. You can read one author's experience of crowdfunding their production on our blog here.

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