Author Profiles: Learn More

Author Profiles: Learn More

Author Profiles Introduction

Today, Authors are now able to create a profile on Findaway Voices Marketplace. The Author profile looks similar to its narrator counterpart and features an avatar image, cover image, background color, and bio.

However, Author profiles live within the Marketplace platform and are not public with unique URLs like narrator profiles. At this time, they are only able to be seen by narrators from whom you request an audition.

Why Create an Author Profile

The Author Profile paves the way for the upcoming review system where narrators and authors are able to review one another after completing an audiobook production on the Marketplace platform.

When the review system is launched, authors and narrators will be able to review one another in several key areas. Then, as more audiobook productions are completed on Marketplace both authors and narrators will be able to see more reviews and stats about past productions that will help both parties better evaluate if this is a person you want to work with.

How to Create an Author Profile

The next time an Author logs in to Findaway Voices, they’ll be prompted with a pop-up to complete a profile as well as a banner message on the top of their dashboard. To create your Author Profile simply click under the “My Account” section and navigate to the “My Profile” tab.

The Profile Creator only takes 3 minutes to complete and you'll have your Author Profile up and running!

Simply complete the following sections:
  1. Photo Upload: Give your profile a face!
  2. Banner Image: Customize your profile and upload a custom banner image. 
  3. Background Color: Select your favorite color to go behind your banner image. 
  4. Author Biography: Show narrators who you are as an author!  

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