Audiobook Production Overview

Audiobook Production Overview

We’ve made it easier than ever to give your book a voice and reach listeners around the world. Here’s a quick overview, from start to finish.
Prefer to watch and listen to someone who's been through the Findaway Voices production process? Check out video at the bottom of this article.

1. Let's get to know each other.
Choosing the right voice means everything. Tell us about your book and we’ll get to work hand-selecting the best  narrators to bring your story to life. (See: How do I choose a narrator)

2. Give your book a voice.
Now the fun begins. Listen to samples from the narrators we hand-selected for you, choose a few voices you like best, and we’ll have your favorite narrators audition for you. All Findaway Voices auditions include a short, performed sample of your manuscript. Once you’ve picked your favorite narrator, you’ll have a chance to help guide their performance before they enter the studio. 

3. Shhhhh. Recording in session.
You don’t really need to be quiet. Your narrator is now hard at work performing their craft and bringing your book to life.  Don’t worry, before you pay for their performance, you’ll have time to point out any audio issues for the narrator to fix.

Not sure what to listen for during the review? No worries! We will share best tips for reviewing your audiobook.

4. Reach listeners worldwide.
You’re in the final stretch. Enter your metadata, set your price, and decide where you want your audiobook sold.  Within 30  days we will distribute your title to all the retailers you’ve chosen.

If you ever need to change your pricing or switch up your distribution channels along the way – you have the power to do it.  With Findaway Voices, you get more freedom and control over your work than
ever before. 

What's next? Check out How do I choose a narrator?
Looking for more specific information on audiobook production? Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Audiobook Production
Watch this awesome interview below with David Gaughran:

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